Month: October 2014

Heavy Cardboard Episode 10 – La Granja

The new but already rare La Granja from Spielworxx is the topic of the day in episode 10…and…the fellas have a difference of opinion on the gameplay! Some good conversation is in the offing!

We also put some thoughts down about 1846 and Merchants of the Middle Ages…have you played these?

And, we’ve been playing games such as City Hall, Endeavor, Biblios, Machi Koro, Impulse, Panamax and Roads & Boats.


Heavy Cardboard Episode 9 – Vinhos

This episode features one of the toughest games going: Vinhos. It is a hard game to teach and to learn, is it worth the effort? Does it have the heavy elements you look for in a game? Well, give a listen and let us know what you think!

We also highlight a couple of other games: City Hall and Fire in the Lake!


As promised, here is the link to our guild on BoardGameGeek:

Also, here is the link to the un-official variant that Vital suggests for removing the start player randomness: