Month: December 2014

Heavy Cardboard Episode 15 – Arkwright

To ring in the new year, we bring our faithful listeners a tab bit of extra content in this episode! In addition to our normal routine, we have an extra review for you all. 2015’s Spirits of the Rice Paddy! Also, Edward muses about dexterity games. We also touch on Colonialism and dive deep into Arkwright! We hope you enjoy the episode.

A huge thank you to Ape Games and Spielworxx for the generous review copies provided to Heavy Cardboard!

Happy New Year! Be safe!


Heavy Cardboard Episode 14 – Kanban: Automotive Revolution

Vital Lacerda’s ‘Kanban: Automotive Revolution’. That’s the game review of this episode. Listen to our thoughts on this heavy weight. Additionally, instead of covering a couple of side games, we list out some of the games we’re hoping show up in 2015…hey, 2015 is just around the corner!

Happy Holidays, everyone!


Heavy Cardboard Episode 13 – BGG CON 2014

OK, we share in some of the fun of BGG CON 2014 for those of you that could not make it to the convention…but…we have a little fun framing the discussion.

We also rock into The Gallerist and Imperial Settlers as well as discuss our favorite mechanic.

Heavy Cardboard