Heavy Cardboard Episode 14 – Kanban: Automotive Revolution

Vital Lacerda’s ‘Kanban: Automotive Revolution’. That’s the game review of this episode. Listen to our thoughts on this heavy weight. Additionally, instead of covering a couple of side games, we list out some of the games we’re hoping show up in 2015…hey, 2015 is just around the corner!

Happy Holidays, everyone!




  1. Great episode guys. Kanban is in a box on it’s way to me as we speak! I’m super excited about the depth of decisions with just one worker. Reminds me of the beauty of the single worker in another great game, Le Havre. I also really liked the 2015 preview.

    As a side note I think Kanban is a great example of why your ratings would benefit from a 1-5 scale instead of 1-4 😉 It could just be me, but I feel that board game ratings need the 3 and 4 to distinguish “like and want to play” from “really like and want to own”. Otherwise you are stuck giving a game like Kanban a 3/4 when it sounds like you wanted to give it a 4/5 🙂 Just my own personal opinion. I don’t feel like I’m sitting on a fence, but maybe I am and I never realized it 🙂

    Anyways, happy holidays and keep up the awesome work! I hope you’re both over the sickness and feeling better for Christmas.

    P.S. As someone who currently lives on the Jutland peninsula in Denmark it was nice to hear about the Viking game set in my backyard 🙂 Thanks for putting that on my radar.

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