Month: March 2015

Heavy Cardboard Episode 20 – Wir sind das Volk

OK, in this episode we look at Wir sind das Volk the new Cold War themed game for two players. Since that game is not a very long game, we invested some time into a couple of other games that have been on our tables.

Locomotive Werks is a game we have just begun to explore and we had some interesting conversation around our game tables regarding it, so we wanted to share some conversation with our listeners about this title.

Grand Cru is an economic game with a wine-making theme (always fun to have a glass or two when playing a wine-themed game) that we’ve played recently. There are some interesting things going on in this imperfect game – give a listen and let us know what you think!


Heavy Cardboard Episode 19 – Automobile

Martin Wallace’s Automobile is the guest in this episode. This is an extremely interesting game – give a listen to see if you agree with our thoughts. We also kick into the first “Ask Heavy Cardboard” segment too – so, thanks everyone for the questions!