Month: August 2015

Heavy Cardboard Episode 30 – Rococo

Nothing says an evening of fun like making dresses and suits for the ball, right? Right? Yup, that’s right! No, but really, yes. This episode has us talking about the beautiful game, Rococo. Euro-y goodness? Listen and find out! We also discuss the 2-player Trambahn and The Staufer Dynasty. As always, let us know what you think of the games and the show!


Episode 29 – 18XX

18XX games have a reputation for heaviness & for being intimidating to get into. It doesn’t help that, on top of that, they seemingly are a niche genre within a niche genre. In this episode we discuss why we’re excited about 18XX gaming in the hopes that we can help folks get over the hump & inspire our fellow heavy game enthusiasts to explore this genre of game!