Heavy Cardboard Episode 30 – Rococo

Nothing says an evening of fun like making dresses and suits for the ball, right? Right? Yup, that’s right! No, but really, yes. This episode has us talking about the beautiful game, Rococo. Euro-y goodness? Listen and find out! We also discuss the 2-player Trambahn and The Staufer Dynasty. As always, let us know what you think of the games and the show!




  1. Me: “I’m going to go listen to Heavy Cardboard”
    Wife: “So what are you going to order for games tonight?”
    Me: “Looks like it’s going to be Rococo”
    Wife: “How many games do they review in a month?”

    Thanks again for the great show! It’s the best way to choose which game to buy next!

  2. Nice subtle inclusion of AC/DC background music of “Big Balls” during the Rococo theme description. (thumbs up)

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