Month: January 2016

Heavy Cardboard Episode 40 – Nippon

Portugal figures heavily (pun intended) into episode 40 as we discuss both The Gallerist and Nippon – both games sprang from the creative minds of Portugal’s brightest designers! In between, we go into space and talk about Roll for the Galaxy, the dice engine game that is Race for the Galaxy’s younger cousin.

Lots of questions from the Heavy Cardboard Guild made their way into this episode too! Join us in the guild for discussions on this episode and heavy gaming in general!


Heavy Cardboard Episode 39 – Top 50 Favorite Games of Right Now

Lists. They inspire reflection, emotion, balance and – most importantly – they inspire conversation! Edward and Tony present their top 50 favorite games of right now! We had two caveats when we compiled our lists: (1) no filler games and (2) the games could be of any weight class.

We also share the results of the poll of our listeners for their top 10 games.

Listen to our lists and tell us your lists!

  • 0:24:41 – 21 thru 50
  • 1:13:13 – 11 thru 20
  • 1:27:53 – 1 thru 10