Heavy Cardboard Episode 42 – Troyes

We have lots of content in this episode and a couple of announcements. We have three(!) game trailers (1849, Castles of Burgundy, & Quebec) in addition to the main feature: Troyes! Sit back, put your headphones in and enjoy yourself!

Don’t forget to join us in the guild to discuss the episode with us & your fellow Elephants!




  1. I’ve not heard the high final score get used as evidence for point salad before – I’m not sure I follow. Do you consider Through the Ages to be a point salad? I’ve seen very high scores there, and I don’t think it’s a point salad. Or, if you consider cash in 18xx games to be a proxy for points (it is), even dividing by a common increment of $20 gets you well above Castles of Burgundy scores for 18xx end results.

  2. I completely agree with Castles of Burgundy being a great entry level game to teach new gamers. This game is on my stop 10 list. We play this game with 3-4 players, but I like it BEST with 2 players. I agree with Amanda and her statements on the artwork. Love the watercolor feel. Thank you for reviewing this game.

  3. One minor point of correction regarding Troyes. Edward mentioned buying others’ dice and then using influence to reroll them. Sorry, but if you’ve been doing this, you were playing wrong. You can only every use influence to manipulate your own dice–never others’.

    Also, I think the randomness of the 6 end-game scoring cards is mitigated by the fact that you generally will want to be working towards those goals regardless of whether or not you think they’re present in the game. Similar to the Impacts in Through the Ages, they all reflect a robust progression of one’s game anyway. And with there being only 6 of them, it makes it generally less random to correctly “guess” what your opponents have.

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