Contact & About Heavy Cardboard

Contact Heavy Cardboard
Feel free to drop us a note at We’d love to chat!

Want to leave us a voicemail? (Please note this might be used on a future show.): 720.675.8975

Follow Edward on Twitter: @HeavyCardboard.
Follow Amanda on Twitter: @amandau825.

Are you interested in sending us a review copy of a game? Please send to:

Heavy Cardboard
13611 E. 104th Ave
Suite 800
P.O. Box 14
Commerce City, CO 80022

About Heavy Cardboard
Heavy Cardboard is a podcast hosted by two transplanted Coloradans: Edward Uhler and Amanda Uhler. Two board gaming hobbyists that love heavy games. The podcast we do is dedicated to the enjoyment of those heavy board games and war games. We revel in being immersed in multi-hour games with long-reaching strategic goals and weighty tactical decisions.

In every episode, we will feature a healthy discussion on one heavy game. We’ll share our opinions and thoughts on the game and talk about why we think it is heavy and what we enjoy about it. We’ll also talk about what things we may not like about the game, hey, not every game is perfect – we have our differing tastes just like all of you!

Hey, we enjoy lighter fare too, of course! We love board gaming in general. So, in our podcasts we’ll mix it up a bit. We’ll have sidebars where each of us will introduce one game into the discussion. There are no rules on the sidebar, any game and any game weight is up for discussion! We’ll talk about geek stuff and life and, well, whatever is going on and from time to time, we’ll have a guest on to share in the fun.

We’re doing this to have fun and share our enjoyment with listeners. Part of the fun is that we’ll have surprises for each other during the episodes and put each other on the spot! So tune in and be sure to let us know if you’re having fun with us. Please give us your feedback about the podcast, this site, the games, whatever. With that, we’ll wish you “good gaming” and “heavy cardboard”!


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