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A Brief Announcement

A brief announcement!

We have created our Patreon page and wanted to mention it to y’all.

We have been producing the Heavy Cardboard podcast for nearly 2 years now and during that time, it has been one of the central things in our lives. The show has become more popular than we ever expected and it’s shown no sign of slowing down, thanks to our incredible listeners! So while it’s awesome that the show keeps on growing, with that growth comes increased costs. Up to this point, we have funded the show entirely out of our own pocket. Our sponsors have helped support the show with games, but as far as cash outlays go, it’s been entirely on our dime. We love what we are doing and are planning on continuing the show for a long time, but as the show continues to grow, we want to continue improving the quality of the show. With your support (and the support of other listeners), we can continue to improve the production quality of the show as well as expand the coverage of the people and games that help make this part of the hobby so great!

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Heavy Cardboard Episode 42 – Troyes

We have lots of content in this episode and a couple of announcements. We have three(!) game trailers (1849, Castles of Burgundy, & Quebec) in addition to the main feature: Troyes! Sit back, put your headphones in and enjoy yourself!

Don’t forget to join us in the guild to discuss the episode with us & your fellow Elephants!


Heavy Cardboard Episode 41 – Lignum

Gut Holz! Lignum is the featured game of this episode. Does this game make the cut? Or, do we have an axe to grind? Ok, that’s terrible, but our conversation about the game could interest you! We also talk about Bretagne and Signorie. We think you’ll find our conclusions interesting!

Don’t forget to join us in the guild to discuss Lignum, Signorie and Bretagne with us & your fellow Elephants!


Heavy Cardboard Episode 40 – Nippon

Portugal figures heavily (pun intended) into episode 40 as we discuss both The Gallerist and Nippon – both games sprang from the creative minds of Portugal’s brightest designers! In between, we go into space and talk about Roll for the Galaxy, the dice engine game that is Race for the Galaxy’s younger cousin.

Lots of questions from the Heavy Cardboard Guild made their way into this episode too! Join us in the guild for discussions on this episode and heavy gaming in general!


Heavy Cardboard Episode 39 – Top 50 Favorite Games of Right Now

Lists. They inspire reflection, emotion, balance and – most importantly – they inspire conversation! Edward and Tony present their top 50 favorite games of right now! We had two caveats when we compiled our lists: (1) no filler games and (2) the games could be of any weight class.

We also share the results of the poll of our listeners for their top 10 games.

Listen to our lists and tell us your lists!

  • 0:24:41 – 21 thru 50
  • 1:13:13 – 11 thru 20
  • 1:27:53 – 1 thru 10


Heavy Cardboard Podblast – Top & Bottom 5 new games to us in 2015

A quick Christmas Eve podblast from your friends at Heavy Cardboard! What’s a podblast? A short and sweet conversational topic. A “blast” of fun. In this podblast, we present our lists of the top 5 games that were new to us in 2015. Two caveats: (1) we consider nothing released in 2015 for this list and (2) no filler games in the list.

Also, we have a second list in this podblast. A list of games that were new to us in 2015 but were disappointments. This one can (and does) include games from 2015 (still, no filler games in this list either).

This was fun, hope y’all enjoy it! – Listen up, it’s just under 20 minutes, and tell us your lists!

Also, for next episode, we are doing our Top 50 games of all-time & soliciting input from y’all for a listener Top 10. Go enter your Top 10 here: Listener Top 10 survey!


Heavy Cardboard Episode 38 – Mombasa

Alexander Pfister is on a roll and Heavy Cardboard is reviewing his heaviest work, Mombasa. It’s a game that has some very unique mechanics: an interesting take on stock ownership and hand management. Listen to the episode and our take on the game. Don’t forget to join us in the guild to discuss Mombasa with us & your fellow Elephants!


Heavy Cardboard Episode 37 – All the games!

The main feature of episode 37 is, well, lots & lots of games. We’ve played a lot of games lately what with BGG CON and all. We’ll cover all that and the super awesome Heavy Cardboard gathering at BGG CON. Along the way, Euro Crisis and 18MS are the subjects of our trailers.

Did you go to BGG CON? Were you at the Heavy Cardboard gathering there? Share your heavy gaming experiences with us!

  • 0:45:32 – Euro Crisis
  • 0:54:50 – 18MS
  • 1:03:59 – Featured Game: BGG CON
  • 1:20:19 – Featured Game: Heavy Cardboard Gathering at BGG CON


Heavy Cardboard Episode 36 – Neue Heimat

Neue Heimat. Gesundheit! This wicked little auction game is the primary topic of discussion. We love auction games here at Heavy Cardboard, and if you do too, check this one out. Also, we talk a little about Ships, the new Martin Wallace release. Macao, and older Feld design is yet another topic of discussion.

Sound quality comes and goes during parts of the first half of this episode as we had some technical issues when recording – however we sorted it out and the rest of the episode is good. Sorry about that!

Here is a link to a compilation of Neue Heimat house rules/variants.


Heavy Cardboard Episode 35 – Food Chain Magnate

Food Chain Magnate. Joris and Jeroen talked about it during our interview. We got hyped up for the game. Finally, it arrived. Finally, we played it. Did it live up to the hype? Give a listen and find out.

Also, we have a series of short discussions on the Essen games we have had a chance to play so far. Honestly, it’s been a mixed bag, but that’s to be expected. What do you guys think? What Essen games have you played?