Heavy Cardboard Episode 37 – All the games!

The main feature of episode 37 is, well, lots & lots of games. We’ve played a lot of games lately what with BGG CON and all. We’ll cover all that and the super awesome Heavy Cardboard gathering at BGG CON. Along the way, Euro Crisis and 18MS are the subjects of our trailers.

Did you go to BGG CON? Were you at the Heavy Cardboard gathering there? Share your heavy gaming experiences with us!

  • 0:45:32 – Euro Crisis
  • 0:54:50 – 18MS
  • 1:03:59 – Featured Game: BGG CON
  • 1:20:19 – Featured Game: Heavy Cardboard Gathering at BGG CON


Episode 29 – 18XX

18XX games have a reputation for heaviness & for being intimidating to get into. It doesn’t help that, on top of that, they seemingly are a niche genre within a niche genre. In this episode we discuss why we’re excited about 18XX gaming in the hopes that we can help folks get over the hump & inspire our fellow heavy game enthusiasts to explore this genre of game!