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Heavy Cardboard Episode 41 – Lignum

Gut Holz! Lignum is the featured game of this episode. Does this game make the cut? Or, do we have an axe to grind? Ok, that’s terrible, but our conversation about the game could interest you! We also talk about Bretagne and Signorie. We think you’ll find our conclusions interesting!

Don’t forget to join us in the guild to discuss Lignum, Signorie and Bretagne with us & your fellow Elephants!


Heavy Cardboard Episode 37 – All the games!

The main feature of episode 37 is, well, lots & lots of games. We’ve played a lot of games lately what with BGG CON and all. We’ll cover all that and the super awesome Heavy Cardboard gathering at BGG CON. Along the way, Euro Crisis and 18MS are the subjects of our trailers.

Did you go to BGG CON? Were you at the Heavy Cardboard gathering there? Share your heavy gaming experiences with us!

  • 0:45:32 – Euro Crisis
  • 0:54:50 – 18MS
  • 1:03:59 – Featured Game: BGG CON
  • 1:20:19 – Featured Game: Heavy Cardboard Gathering at BGG CON


Heavy Cardboard Episode 34 – Late 2015 Preview

We hope you think this will be a fantastic episode. In addition to some preliminary chatter on the much anticipated Food Chain Magnate, we cover the Knizia classic Medici and get into the list of games we are anticipating for the rest of 2015. We talk about 25 games over 82 minutes!
  • 0:20:51 – Food Chain Magnate
  • 0:25:32 – Medici
  • 0:38:20 – Concordia: Salsa
  • 0:42:18 – Russian Railroads: German Railroads
  • 0:47:16 – 1914 Germany at War
  • 0:50:14 – Bretagne
  • 0:52:39 – Burano
  • 0:55:25 – Dilluvia Project
  • 0:59:22 – Haithabu
  • 1:04:58 – Haspelknect
  • 1:08:36 – Imperious Milenarios
  • 1:12:53 – Lignum
  • 1:17:31 – Mega Civilization
  • 1:22:35 – Mexica
  • 1:25:07 – Mombasa
  • 1:27:36 – Nippon
  • 1:30:45 – Nord
  • 1:33:55 – Pax Pamir
  • 1:36:26 – Porta Nigra
  • 1:38:25 – The Producers 1940 – 1944
  • 1:41:48 – Royal Goods
  • 1:44:42 – Ships
  • 1:47:15 – Signorie
  • 1:50:22 – Through the Ages
  • 1:52:47 – Tin Goose
  • 1:58:02 – Trickerion
  • 2:00:44 – U.S. Civil War


Heavy Cardboard Episode 33 – Masters of Venice

Masters of Venice. A quirky, under-the-radar game that has an awful lot going for it & we dive deep into it during our featured review. We also give a couple of Martin Wallace titles a good look when we do an extended trailer on Tinner’s Trail as well as touch on Liberte a bit. There’s a little bit medium, a good bit of heavy, and a full heaping of quirky, so sit back & enjoy the listen! We would love to hear from y’all with your thoughts on the show and on the games discussed. We hope you enjoy the episode as much as we had recording it!

Heavy Cardboard Episode 26 – Uwe Rosenberg

Change of pace alert! Heavy Cardboard discusses Uwe Rosenberg. We end up talking about a lot of games of course! Also, we take some time and offer up an extended trailer for the brand new release, Kraftwagen, as well as a trailer for the excellent 3-player game, Maria.


Heavy Cardboard Episode 25 – Container

The guys talk about Container. It’s OOP and costly, but is it worth the money? They also touch on Merkator and London. HeavyCon 2015 is also a topic of discussion. Lastly, Ask the Elephant returns in this episode with great questions from the listener community.


Heavy Cardboard Episode 24 – Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico. The boardgaming legend is the main topic of the Heavy Cardboard crew in this episode. If you’ve never played this classic, listen to this episode and decide if it is a title you should try.


Heavy Cardboard Episode 23 – Ground Floor

In this episode we tackle Ground Floor by David Short, brought to us by Tasty Minstrel Games. We start on the ground floor and work our way up through the game and let you know what we think. We also cover Arboretum and 20th Century.

  • 0:30:24 – Arboretum
  • 0:37:47 – 20th Century
  • 0:44:16 – Featured Game: Ground Floor
  • 1:31:50 – Ask the Elephant
  • Note: Our Youtube channel & everything that goes with it will be available this weekend. We will edit this with our Youtube channel link when everything is ready!
  • Also, the Age of Steam: Heavy Cardboard map has been uploaded to BGG and is awaiting approval from the mods. Check back during the weekend and hopefully they approve it by then!


Heavy Cardboard Episode 21 – Indonesia

Indonesia. It evokes exotic imagery and adventure. A country with amazing attributes and contrasts. Splotter Spellen’s heavy economic board game of the same name equally evokes exotic imagery and adventure and is a game of amazing attributes and contrasts. We have thoroughly enjoyed playing this game and are thrilled to review. Give the episode a listen and tell us what your thoughts are regarding the game.


Heavy Cardboard Episode 20 – Wir sind das Volk

OK, in this episode we look at Wir sind das Volk the new Cold War themed game for two players. Since that game is not a very long game, we invested some time into a couple of other games that have been on our tables.

Locomotive Werks is a game we have just begun to explore and we had some interesting conversation around our game tables regarding it, so we wanted to share some conversation with our listeners about this title.

Grand Cru is an economic game with a wine-making theme (always fun to have a glass or two when playing a wine-themed game) that we’ve played recently. There are some interesting things going on in this imperfect game – give a listen and let us know what you think!