Heavy Cardboard Episode 42 – Troyes

We have lots of content in this episode and a couple of announcements. We have three(!) game trailers (1849, Castles of Burgundy, & Quebec) in addition to the main feature: Troyes! Sit back, put your headphones in and enjoy yourself!

Don’t forget to join us in the guild to discuss the episode with us & your fellow Elephants!


Heavy Cardboard Episode 40 – Nippon

Portugal figures heavily (pun intended) into episode 40 as we discuss both The Gallerist and Nippon – both games sprang from the creative minds of Portugal’s brightest designers! In between, we go into space and talk about Roll for the Galaxy, the dice engine game that is Race for the Galaxy’s younger cousin.

Lots of questions from the Heavy Cardboard Guild made their way into this episode too! Join us in the guild for discussions on this episode and heavy gaming in general!


Heavy Cardboard Episode 38 – Mombasa

Alexander Pfister is on a roll and Heavy Cardboard is reviewing his heaviest work, Mombasa. It’s a game that has some very unique mechanics: an interesting take on stock ownership and hand management. Listen to the episode and our take on the game. Don’t forget to join us in the guild to discuss Mombasa with us & your fellow Elephants!


Heavy Cardboard Episode 36 – Neue Heimat

Neue Heimat. Gesundheit! This wicked little auction game is the primary topic of discussion. We love auction games here at Heavy Cardboard, and if you do too, check this one out. Also, we talk a little about Ships, the new Martin Wallace release. Macao, and older Feld design is yet another topic of discussion.

Sound quality comes and goes during parts of the first half of this episode as we had some technical issues when recording – however we sorted it out and the rest of the episode is good. Sorry about that!

Here is a link to a compilation of Neue Heimat house rules/variants.


Heavy Cardboard Episode 35 – Food Chain Magnate

Food Chain Magnate. Joris and Jeroen talked about it during our interview. We got hyped up for the game. Finally, it arrived. Finally, we played it. Did it live up to the hype? Give a listen and find out.

Also, we have a series of short discussions on the Essen games we have had a chance to play so far. Honestly, it’s been a mixed bag, but that’s to be expected. What do you guys think? What Essen games have you played?


Heavy Cardboard Episode 33 – Masters of Venice

Masters of Venice. A quirky, under-the-radar game that has an awful lot going for it & we dive deep into it during our featured review. We also give a couple of Martin Wallace titles a good look when we do an extended trailer on Tinner’s Trail as well as touch on Liberte a bit. There’s a little bit medium, a good bit of heavy, and a full heaping of quirky, so sit back & enjoy the listen! We would love to hear from y’all with your thoughts on the show and on the games discussed. We hope you enjoy the episode as much as we had recording it!

Heavy Cardboard Episode 32 – Argent: The Consortium

Argent: The Consortium is the featured game of this episode. Yes, Argent: The Consortium. Give a listen, you may be surprised! Have you played this game and if you have, what are your thoughts on it? We also touch on Triumph & Tragedy and Praetor. Yep, full of surprises in this episode! As always, enjoy the show!


Heavy Cardboard Episode 31 – The Trailer Trifecta Episode

Forge War, The Networks and Baltimore & Ohio get discussed in “the trailer episode”. A trifecta of trailers! We hope that you enjoy the episode and, as always, let us know what you think about these games. Have you played them? What are your thoughts on them?


Heavy Cardboard Episode 30 – Rococo

Nothing says an evening of fun like making dresses and suits for the ball, right? Right? Yup, that’s right! No, but really, yes. This episode has us talking about the beautiful game, Rococo. Euro-y goodness? Listen and find out! We also discuss the 2-player Trambahn and The Staufer Dynasty. As always, let us know what you think of the games and the show!


Episode 28 – Terra Mystica

Terra Mystica, currently the #2 game in the land, is the subject of our featured review. We also get into a couple of train games, String Railway and Chicago Express. Give a listen and let us know what your thoughts on on the game. Comment here on the site, or open a thread in our guild.